Which beard comb to use for medium and long beards ?

When it comes to growing and maintaining a medium or long beard, one of the most important tools you can own is a beard comb. Though you may think any comb will do, there are actually a few different types of combs that can be used to keep your beard looking its best. In this article, we’ll discuss which type of comb is best for medium and long beards. 

For medium and long beards, a wide-toothed comb is the best option. Wide-toothed combs are designed to detangle longer beards without pulling or tugging on the hair, which can cause breakage. They also work well at evenly distributing natural oil throughout the beard, which helps keep it soft and healthy.

If you want extra control over your beard and the ability to style it, a boar bristle brush is a great choice. Boar bristle brushes are designed to shape and style the beard, as well as evenly distribute natural oil from the scalp throughout the beard. Boar bristle brushes can also help reduce the appearance of split ends and make the beard look thicker.

Finally, for those with very long beards, a pick comb can be used to help create the desired style